#2 Learn for pleasure

By: Lene Tanggaard, Christian Hjortkær, Kachi A. Ozumba, Thomas Vigild, Lars Hazelton, Sara Skovborg Mortensen (editor), Andreas Harbsmeier (editor), Michael Schelde (editor), Spine Studio (illustrator), John Mason (translator), Morten Visby (translator)



Links to life and to enlightenment for living became a characteristic of the folk high school and placed it in direct opposition to the traditional so-called ‘Latin’ school, with its heavy emphasis on exams. Learning should be driven by the desire to learn, not by a syllabus, by grades or exams. Lene Tanggaard submits the exam-free school to careful analysis, while four accounts from a range of viewpoints reveal how this lesson is realised in folk high school practice.

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